Alan Wiggins

Alan was born in London, England.  His family immigrated to Canada when he was 8 years old and after taking the well trodden passage through Pier 21 in Halifax (Now Canada's national Museum of Immigration) the train took them to Toronto where Alan grew up and completed his education. 

Afer working for a number of years in banking and industry he found his niche in the aviaton  field.  This took him and his family to various parts of Canada, Asia and eventually Europe.  Returning to Canada in 2002, Alan and his wife settled in Victoria where he nurtured a strong interest in Real Estate. 

His previously developed skills of Professionalism and attention to detail, were combined with a genuine desire to help people achieve their goals.  Most importantly, Alan learned to carefully listen to his clients, to fully establish their unique wants and needs, before offering advice.
Let Alan's experience help you on the road to your Real Estate dreams.


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